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Download AppX installation file for Windows Store App

How to Download AppX Installation File for redistribution.

If you want to download a AppX Installation file from Windows store, you have to inspect en debug the HTTP traffic between your Windows Store client and the Microsoft Store servers.

Download Fiddler and  Fiddler add-on “Windows 8 AppContainer Loopback Utility”.

Download Fiddler and install

Download “Windows 8 AppContainer Loopback Utility” url: http://www.telerik.com/fiddler/add-ons

Start add-on “Windows 8 AppContainer Loopback Utility”.

Select only the “Store” in list and “Save Changes”.

Start Fiddler and clear the current log: Edit – Remove – All Sessions.

Open Windows Store and find and run the installation of the application whitch you want to Download the AppX Installation File.

Switch to Fiddler application and find appx url. Go to “Find”.

Copy the first yellow row with Result 200. Richt click and select Copy – Just Url

Open the url in a Browser and save it as .zip extention. Change it after download to .appx.

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